Retirement Planning

You don´t know where to start. So you don't...

And that may be your most serious mistake. Because time is money and you increase your chances of reaching a financial target with a plan that approximates a rifle, not a shotgun.

Lots of people use a shotgun approach -- saving haphazardly without knowing where they stand, defining a target, or determining a means to reach it. They might be saving an adequate amount, but not be earning enough on their investments to produce the nest egg they need. Or they might have their savings wiped out along the way because they didn't plan for the risk of a long-term illness or disability. Success is largely a matter of luck.

We're here to assist you -- whether you need help with meeting a single goal such as education or retirement funding, or want a comprehensive plan that is designed to identify and address all your financial goals. We're also ready to help you with a financial decision, such as Regular vs. Roth IRA, lump-sum or annuity distributions, lease vs. purchase, to refinance or not to refinance, or similar questions.

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