Back Office Operations

Why hire our Experienced Team instead of employees for your back office ops?

• We have many levels of service at your disposal
     • We can do as much or as little as you want
     • We work on an as needed basis so NO wasted overhead for you!
     • We have a variety of levels of staff and services at varying rates for whatever you need
• Our experienced staff can efficiently meet your needs
• More reliable reporting and absolute confidentiality
• We can assist you in making better business choices
• Distance is NO longer an obstacle!
     • We can have information to you as quick as a phone call, fax, or email
     • Contact us about several different options we have to make sure your information is secure

Examples of services we offer:

• Account reconciliations
• Payroll processing, tax deposits, sales tax, & quarterly returns
• Month & year end adjustments
• Work with auditors & examiners
• Pay bills/write vendor checks
• BSA activity monitoring for financial institutions
• Compile financial statements
• Assist with board packets
• Accrual & prepaid tracking/monitoring
• Maintain depreciation schedule
• Assist with implementing accounting standards

By bringing in our expertise & efficiency into their operations our clients have been able to significantly reduce their operating expense.

What business wouldn't want a CPA in their back pocket?

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