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We ask that if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms to please refrain from entering our buildings, and to call to reschedule an appointment at a later time.

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24/7 LWH Client Access

Want to be able to exchange files securely any time?

LWH now offers the use of 24/7 LWH Client Access for file exchanges.
We chose 24/7 LWH Client Access because it is:

• Easy to use
• Completely secure
• And lets you access your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Enter your payroll data
• Print live payroll checks
• View & print check stubs & W-2s, & edit W-4 information

The 24/7 LWH Client Access portal will allow you to:

• View & print tax documents
• Manage documents for day-to-day bookkeeping.

If you want to enjoy the ease of file sharing please contact us to get set up!

If you are a current client and registered as a 24/7 LWH Client Access user, you can access your 24/7 LWH Client Access account by clicking HERE.

About LWH Financial Services

As practicing CPAs, we are often asked for advice on various issues such as employee benefits, investments, insurance needs, college savings, estate and retirement planning, etc.

In response to this demand for additional financial services, we have established LWH Financial Services to offer our clients the convenience and value of having all their financial service needs met by a trusted, long-term professional advisor.

LWH Financial Services can offer you expertise beyond traditional services that are provided through our CPA firm. Some of these new services include:

• Asset Management Programs
• Business Continuation Planning
• Investment Products and Services
• Business Insurance
• Personal Insurance
• Elder Care Planning
• Employee Benefit Plan Design and Administration
• Wealth Management Services

If your needs are not currently being met, or if you would like a "second opinion" and as new circumstances arise in the future, we stand ready to serve you. Through LWH Financial Services, we can offer the full range of advice and service that only highly skilled and experienced professionals can provide, as well as the peace of mind that comes from working with a long-term professional advisor.

For more information regarding our services, please contact one of our partners.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Would you take a trip to a foreign country, without an interpreter, where no one there spoke your language and you didn't speak theirs? Accounting is the language of business.  We speak it fluently. Would you consider running a business without speaking the language?

Regardless of the nature of your product or service, you have a goal common to all business owners -- to be financially successful. Yet many entrepreneurs concentrate their efforts on creating, developing, marketing, and selling their product or service. Sometimes they ignore the bottom line - until a financial crisis occurs. Don't let this happen to your business. If you don't speak the language, you need to hire an interpreter who's fluent -- you need a CPA.



We are members of the Illinois Grain & Feed Association. 

agri1By preparing the tax returns of about 250 grain and livestock farmers, our partners are familiar with the unusual bookkeeping and tax issues they face. Each year, we attend a two-day income tax school sponsored by either the University of Illinois or Purdue University extension services, which emphasizes agricultural tax issues.

Keeping the family farm in the family is almost as much of a challenge as farming itself. We're experienced in the estate planning techniques that work for farmers, such as using Family Limited Partnerships, Section 2032A (special use valuation) and Family Trusts.


Audit, Review, Compilation & Preparation Services

Whether yours is a multi-location company, a single owner business, a governmental unit, or a non-profit organization, Larsson, Woodyard, & Henson, LLP, has the expertise to serve you with an audit, review, compilation or preparation of historical or prospective financial statements. Our professional staff frequently obtain more continuing professional education (CPE) hours than are required for licensure as a CPA, with more than 50% of required CPE hours being comprised of accounting and auditing seminars. We've developed a broad range of expertise involving small and large clients alike -- including automobile dealerships, agribusiness, manufacturing, governmental, not-for-profit, hospitals, and financial institutions, just to name a few.


Auto Dealerships

As an auto and truck dealer, you speak a special dialect of the accounting language... LIFO, Program Vehicles, Extended Warranties... we speak your dialect!! And you need a CPA that speaks it fluently, too -- to help you see beyond the numbers and identify opportunities for success. Larsson, Woodyard & Henson currently serves auto and truck dealers based in Illinois and Indiana. We provide a wide range of services to them including financial statements, income tax preparation, payroll check writing, review of monthly financial records, management advisory services and litigation support.


Back Office Operations

Why hire our Experienced Team instead of employees for your back office ops?

• We have many levels of service at your disposal
     • We can do as much or as little as you want
     • We work on an as needed basis so NO wasted overhead for you!
     • We have a variety of levels of staff and services at varying rates for whatever you need
• Our experienced staff can efficiently meet your needs
• More reliable reporting and absolute confidentiality
• We can assist you in making better business choices
• Distance is NO longer an obstacle!
     • We can have information to you as quick as a phone call, fax, or email
     • Contact us about several different options we have to make sure your information is secure


Business Valuations

ImageFair market value is commonly used to determine how much a business or one of its components is worth for sales transactions, buy/sell agreements, estate and gift taxes, mergers and acquisitions, divorce settlements, and charitable contributions, just to name a few.

Fair market value is the cash or its equivalent at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller when the former is not under any compulsion to buy and the latter is not under any compulsion to sell, both parties having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.


Estate Planning & Taxation

Life is precious and full of hopes and dreams. We develop strong bonds with family, friends, pets and organizations that have played a significant role in our lives. Everyone has a different path to walk, a different story to write, a different contribution to make. The impact that we have on our world does not end with our last day. It continues on through the lives we have touched and the legacy that we leave behind. We are given the opportunity to help those we care most about fulfill their hopes and dreams.


Financial Institutions

Whether you are a multi-location or single location community bank, Larsson, Woodyard & Henson, LLP has the expertise to serve your audit needs.

With over twenty-two years of experience, Eric Bradham and our highly qualified staff of professionals will work with you to identify any areas of financial risk and areas where internal controls might be improved. They will work to assess your financial institution and provide practical solutions for monitoring risk and enhancing your financial reporting, and backroom daily operations.

To learn more about the range of banking services we offer, contact one of our partners.

Government Audits

There are many unique accounting techniques used in governmental accounting. The different fund types can be a challenge to maintain, and the constantly changing laws make that challenge even more difficult. At Larsson, Woodyard & Henson, LLP, our staff assigned to governmental engagements are required to complete at least 24 hours every 2 years of continuing professional education in governmental subjects. This is to ensure that our staff is up-to-date on all of the new laws and regulations.

We have clients who are required to be audited under the Single Audit Act and Yellow Book. We assist clients from school districts to small townships to local counties. To find out more on how we can assist you and your needs, contact one of our partners.

Income Tax Preparation & Planning

Is Your Tax Return Too Taxing?

If you think Uncle Sam is getting more than his fair share, you need LWH!

We enjoy the challenge of helping our clients pays the lowest legal amount of federal, state, and local taxes possible.   

We keep our clients informed about developments in tax law that may affect them, and encourage them to consult with us throughout the year to plan transactions in order to achieve the best tax results.

Our team of CPAs and professional staff complete at least 120 hours of Continuing Professional Education every 3 years so we may stay on top of our game.  Our expertise includes preparation and planning for individuals, closely held businesses (sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, C & S Corporations) and includes passive activities, retail, restaurants, agribusiness, oil & gas, auto dealers, banks, and many others, including private foundations and trusts. Here are just a few examples where proper planning and effective utilization of the tax code can reduce taxes:


Management & Accounting Software Consulting

Our business clients count on us for more than just auditing and taxes. We enjoy being a vital member of their team -- using our technical expertise and business experience to provide them objective, insightful advice. Here are just a few of the management and computer advisory services we offer:

• Accounting Systems Consulting - set up, training and troubleshooting, including QuickBooks
• Business Plan Development
• Budgeting
• Benefits Consulting
• Business Organization, Planning, & Monitoring
• Product Costing and Pricing
• Personnel Practices Consulting
• Internal Control Systems Consulting


Not for Profit Organizations

How often have you listened to the unfortunate stories from a new organization's board of directors lamenting their experiences with the Internal Revenue Service? Many organizations begin with a genuine charitable or public mission, but become discouraged by the difficulties involved in being recognized by state and federal authorities as not-for-profit.

Not-for-profit tax compliance does not have to be bad news.

Call us for the Good News!  An organization which fails to complete the recognition process runs the risk of regular taxation, losing the ability to accept charitable contributions, penalties for failure to file proper tax and information returns, and so forth.


Payroll Services

Why should I have LWH do my company's payroll?

• Confidentiality
• Timely, accurate tax return compliance (including EFTPS & magnetic media)
• No preprinted check expense (customized checks are supplied by LWH)
• Availability of "direct deposit" for employee convenience
• Historical reports for workers' compensation claims and audits
• Enhanced information reporting for management decisions
• Departmental reports
• Workers' compensation reports for audits and claims
• Customized reports to suit management's needs


Retirement Planning

You don´t know where to start. So you don't...

And that may be your most serious mistake. Because time is money and you increase your chances of reaching a financial target with a plan that approximates a rifle, not a shotgun.

Lots of people use a shotgun approach -- saving haphazardly without knowing where they stand, defining a target, or determining a means to reach it. They might be saving an adequate amount, but not be earning enough on their investments to produce the nest egg they need. Or they might have their savings wiped out along the way because they didn't plan for the risk of a long-term illness or disability. Success is largely a matter of luck.


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