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To celebrate the firm’s 90th anniversary in 2018, team members gathered facts about the firm to create a timeline to commemorate our 90 year history.  Check out the events below that shaped us into the firm we are today!

LWH Timeline

  • 1928

    Harry Houston & Associates began in Paris, IL, with Harry A. Houston as a sole proprietor

  • 1946

    Morris E. Kemper joined the firm.

  • 1948

    Lincoln J. Woodyard joined the firm.

  • 1952

    C. Donald Larsson joined the firm as a Partner.

  • 1958

    Eddie R. Henson joined the firm.C. Donald Larsson joined the firm as a Partner. Houston & Kemper Partnership dissolved. Houston retained the northern offices and Kemper retained the southern location. Houston, C. Donald Larsson and Eddie R. Henson worked in the Paris Office and Lincoln J. Woodyard worked in the Charleston Office. Harry Houston and Associates erected a building on West Court Street in Paris.

  • 1959

    Lincoln J. Woodyard became a Partner.

  • 1961

    Eddie R. Henson became a Partner.

  • 1970

    Casey office opened at the request of Marguerite Haddon. Her husband passed away and she asked the firm to serve his clients. Stephen L. Allison joined the Casey Office.

  • 1971

    Harry Houston retired and the firm name changed to Larsson, Woodyard & Henson with the three remaining partners, Lincoln J. Woodyard, C. Donald Larsson, and Eddie R. Henson.

  • 1974

    Patrick E. Bell joined the Paris office.

  • 1975

    Casey office built at 107 West Alabama with Stephen L. Allison as Partner-In-Charge.

  • 1979

    Eric V. Bradham joined the Paris office. New Paris office building was constructed at 702 East Court Street.

  • 1981

    D. Kevin Savoree joined the Paris office. Patrick E. Bell became a Partner. Patricia J. Finch joined the Paris office.

  • 1983

    Lincoln J. Woodyard retired as a Partner.

  • 1986

    Eric V. Bradham became a Partner.

  • 1987

    D. Kevin Savoree became a Partner in the Paris office.

  • 1991

    C. Donald Larsson retired as a Partner. Patricia J. Finch became a Partner in the Paris office. LWH received certificate for Community Service from State Representative, Michael L. Weaver of the 106th District.

  • 1992

    LWH received Certificate of Honor for Employer of the Year by BPW USA. Paris office added a large addition to building located at 702 East Court Street. Davis & Davis CPAs merged with LWH to form one of the area’s largest accounting and business management services. Holden A. Davis joined the Paris office and Thomas M. Davis merged into the firm as a Partner.

  • 1995

    Marla D. Coffman joined the firm in the Paris office.

  • 1996

    Susi H. Willis joined the Paris office as a Partner.

  • 1997

    Eddie R. Henson retired as a Partner.

  • 2000

    Katie E. Knoll joined the firm. Retired Partner, Lincoln J. Woodyard, passed away.

  • 2001

    Eric V. Bradham became Partner-In-Charge of the Casey office following the untimely death of Stephen L. Allison.

  • 2002

    D. Kevin Savoree took a leave of absence to join Andretti Green Racing, Inc. as Shareholder and Officer, Vice-President Finance, COO and Director.

  • 2004

    Terre Haute office opened at 401 Ohio Street, Suite A1, with Susi H. Willis as Partner-In-Charge.

  • 2006

    Curtis O. Root joined the firm at a new location in Tuscola, IL, with Patricia J. Finch as Partner-In-Charge.

  • 2010

    D. Kevin Savoree sold his partnership interest and continued to pursue his roles in the racing industry. Patrick E. Bell retired as a Partner and Eric V. Bradham took over as the firm Administrative Partner and Partner-In-Charge of the Paris office. Marla D. Coffman became a Partner.

  • 2012

    Curtis O. Root became a Partner and was named Partner-In-Charge of the Tuscola office.

  • 2015

    Holden A. Davis became a Partner. Retired Partner, C. Donald Larsson, passed away.

  • 2016

    Tuscola office changed locations to 129 West Sale Street.

  • 2017

    Holden A. Davis became Partner-In-Charge of the Terre Haute office. Marla D. Coffman became Partner-In-Charge of the Paris office. Patricia J. Finch retired as a Partner. Susi H. Willis retired as a Partner.

  • 2018

    Katie E. Knoll became a Partner. your social media marketing partner

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